October Newsletter-The most expensive bottle never sold

The most expensive bottles of wine ever sold…..or not! One the most expensive bottles of wine ever to be to be sold at $156,000 was from Bordeaux, a Chateau Lafitte from1787 with the initials “Th.J”“engraved on it.  These initials matched the name of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and Ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson lived in France from 1784 to 1789 where he developed a love for French wine.  His diaries show his interest in wine and viticulture and he traveled to several of the major wine regions in France.  It is speculated that he […]

Fall into Action! Register Now!

Bonne Cuvée Wine Tours in the Loire Valley!           We have been delighted with all your requests and thank you for your patience while we prepared every detail of our next Bonne Cuvée Wine Tour and we are happy to let you know registration is now open! Our tour begins in Paris, the City of Lights, and settle in the heart of the Loire Valley in the city of Tours, surrounded by the wine regions of Vouvray and Sancerre (known white wines) and Chinon and Bourgueil (mostly red wines). We will visit vineyards, where we will […]

An Easy Guide to Understanding the Basics of Wine Tasting

Here’s a quote from an expert describing a wine as, “a core that’s as soft as molten chocolate and yet a frame that’s structured as a New Yorker skyscraper”.  Wow!! The questions are how long does one have to study wine to produce such a complex evaluation and does it make any sense to 99% of people who appreciate a decent glass of wine? As a university teacher for over three decades, my role has been to breakdown complex topics into understandable blocks of knowledge that can be stacked so that in the end the learner has a better understanding […]