History and Wine: The Loire River Valley

The Loire River should hold a special place for New Orleanians, as our city is named after the city of Orleans, France, notably located at the point where this river makes its turn toward the west as it flows to the Atlantic Ocean.  For wine lovers, the Loire Valley is an important region producing an array of wines using some of the most famous and popular grape varietals.  This is an area with a rich history, known for Joan of Arc, the 100 year war, and Leonardo da Vinci’s final resting place.  As the seat of French royalty, before the […]

Bordeaux Wines

The Bordeaux wine region in France is one of best known of all world wine regions evoking an aura of class, quality, and longevity.  However, this is a region with a fascinating history and the ancestral home of grape varieties that are grown all over the world.  Grapevines here are reputed to have been planted by ancient Roman invaders but it was in the 12th century that the region became really well known.  The marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine (the old name of the region that includes Bordeaux) to Henry of England (who became King Henry II) in 1154 A.D. […]

Six Tips to Help you Book the Best Flight Possible

This is probably the most nerve wracking step to take when planning your trip abroad. There are so many sites, so many options, that most people get confused and overwhelmed. Let’s simplify this process so you can get the best deal and the best experience. Simplify your task by cutting it down to easy steps. 1) Find the right place to book. When I book any flight, I have some favorite sites: kayak.com ; googleflights.com; expedia.com There is also a new site that is fun to use and gives you unusual routes: rio2rome.com Don’t discount using the direct airline site such […]

Here Are a Few of My Favorite… Travel Things!

Every frequent traveler has a list of favorite items to bring along . I don’t mean your favorite chocolate bar (that’s a given!) or favorite book to read on long flights. I mean things that can come in handy and can be used for different purposes. Once you have a favorite, it will surely be included in your packing list! Here I will share with you some of the things that always go in my suitcase when I am away from home. Although the photos show full sized products, I only pour the amount I need (and that is allowed […]

Upgrade From Economy To First Class For Only $20

Flying in economy class as we know it is no easy task. The lack of space or leg room, the pitiful miniature bag of peanut snacks, the ho hum service, makes one question if traveling is really worth it. Of course the huge price difference between economy and first class is the reason more travelers don’t, or can’t, opt for the upgrade. But what if you could upgrade your experience and feel like you are in first class? With a total budget of $20.00, I plan on upgrading my economy trip into a First-class experience. Because I travel a lot, […]

Must Have Tips for Your Visit to France!

  Whenever I travel to France, I feel the familiarity of home, of a comfortable place to stay for a while. For the first time traveler to this country, I understand that this takes some time  to achieve and it can be a cultural maze of customs to understand. Here are a few of  my inside tips on traveling to France as well as as my  simple pleasures, personal takes on what I love about traveling in France. If this is your first time in France, there will be a lot of cultural differences to get accustomed to, sometimes things you don’t consider […]

Eight Things to Remember to Make your European Travel a Breeze.

  I just got back from another summer program in Europe and I am always asked how I manage to actually enjoy all that travel. I do live out of a suitcase for about twelve weeks and it can take a toll if you let it. I happen to love travel and the people I meet during my trips abroad. Things don’t always go my way and I do experience frustrations from time to time but in the end, it’s worth the whole experience. I am reminded that people are people and you can always find a nice person to […]