Tim Ryan

We had so much fun that the tour seemed to be over before we knew it. If you like good wine, good food, learning new things about a subject you thought you knew, enjoying great friends (even if you’ve never met them before), GO! You’ll never regret the decision. Without any doubt, this was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Harsha and Marie were the prefect hosts. We visited large well-known vineyards as smaller family owned vineyards. We learned something new at every stop and the wine was remarkable.

Marie’s attention to detail was superb. She chose the right hotel in the City of Bordeaux so that we didn’t have to move from hotel to hotel. We stayed in the same hotel every night and bused to the vineyards. The lunches and dinners that she arranged were great. The small size of the group made it even more enjoyable.

 Some of the highlights. During our visit to Chateau Mouton Rothschild, we not only tasted some of the best wine in the world, got to tour the museum that they keep in the Chateau of the original art works that labels are drawn from, but we also got to meet one of the current owners – a descendant of Baron Phillippe Rothschild. Harsha and Marie claim it was a coincidence but I’m not sure! Our cooking class at Chateau Kirwan was so much fun. Sipping their white wine, preparing a lunch that really was great, and enjoying each other’s company was a true highlight.