Discover our Wine Tour in Portugal!

Bonne Cuvee Wine Tours 2020 trip to Portugal promises to be an unforgettable experience in a wine region that is still waiting to be discovered by the world’s wine lovers.  Our home base will be the city of Porto from where we will make daily forays into several of Portugal’s major wine regions.  Although mostly known for Port wines, Portugal boasts over 150 grape varieties producing wines that are so much more; with immense diversity that is guaranteed to satisfy most anyone’s palate.

The Douro Valley, the first specifically demarcated wine region in the world and a UNESCO Heritage Site is among the most breathtakingly scenic wine regions on the planet.  You will be first awed by the views from the hilltops above the valley as the Douro Rivers snakes through miles of vineyards on its hillsides and then experience a boat ride on the river that will provide a completely different perspective.  Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, and Malvasia grape varieties thrive here and are among the hundreds of others that are unique to this region. Our visits to the wineries will offer opportunities to enhance your wine knowledge and your palate.

We will also visit the Minho region made famous by their Vinho Verde wines – fresh, young and slightly effervescent.  This is one of Portugal’s oldest and largest wine regions where hundreds of small producers use indigenous grape varieties such as Alvarinho, Trajadura, and Loureiro.  Another region near Porto is the Dao, named for the river that flows through granite hillsides that produce unique wines that are fruit forward with smooth tannins.

Our visits to vineyards and wineries in and around Porto promise to offer insight into the unique terroir of the region with its small estates that produce wines that are about to become sensational on the world stage.  Both Marie and Harsha have visited Portugal recently and will use their personal knowledge and contacts to set up an itinerary with wine and food experiences to satisfy one’s desire for a unique travel adventure!

Our Portugal Wine Tour is scheduled for April 26 to May 2, 2020

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